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Aggression, anxiety, and behavior modification specialists.

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Tug Dogs Canine Services

Tug Dogs offers a variety of canine related services with a focus on handling difficult problem behaviors including fear/shyness, all types of aggression, hyperactivity, separation anxiety and more. Our training staff takes on limited cases at a time to focus time and attention to building a relationship with your dog to help them be successful in learning new habits and behaviors. We also offer additional services with our trainer's programs, canine coaching for dogs competing in various trials, and service/protection canines.

Trainer's Academy

Tug Dogs Trainer's Academy is a part time program introducing students to important training concepts in obedience and behavior modification. Curricula focuses on the specific elements needs to become a successful trainer and includes classroom study, observation, and hands on training time with successful trainers.

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Dog Training

Tug Dogs offers a variety of dog training from group class to private sessions, day training, to board and training. Our trainers utilize relationship based training where we strive to make training fun and effective. Simply book a training evaluation with one of our trainers and we will get to know you and your dog and discuss your training options in detail.

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About Us

Our staff are committed to helping your dog be the best he or she can be! Our staff are up to date on the latest in canine psychology and adhere to the highest standards of care for your dog during their training and stay with us. Our trainers have trained dogs for use in TV/film, as working service and police canines, for competition in various sports, and as well behaved family pets.

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