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At Tug Dogs, we pride ourselves are providing top quality training that creates a better life for you and your dog. Our team of highly dedicated and experienced trainers knows how to help you and your dog reach your training goals so that you can enjoy life together. Tug Dogs trainers complete some of the most rigorous education standards in the country and continue with ongoing education all so that we can provide you with training that will make your dog more enjoyable to live with.

Our team has earned a top quality reputation from the shelters, rescue groups, dog organizations, and dog owners we have been working with for over a decade. Tug Dogs isn’t just another dog training business. Our group of trainers are some of the most passionate, skilled, and qualified dog pro’s available and we can’t wait to share our craft to help you and your dog on your training journey.

Owned and operated by professionally certified dog trainer Erin Kramer, Tug Dogs has been in operation for over a decade and has become one of the most recognized dog training businesses on the West Coast. Our team of trainers are hand selected, trained in-house to meet high Tug Dogs standards, and perform ongoing education and quality assessments all so that we be sure you are getting the very best for your dog.

Erin Kramer

Tug Dogs owner, Lead Trainer, and Course Instructor

Erin Kramer is a professionally certified dog trainer, has worked as a trainer’s instructor internationally and has developed her own highly acclaimed trainer’s academy for those wanting to work professionally with dogs. Erin is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator, both a service and therapy dog evaluator, has trained and handled dogs for both TV and film, has supplied working K9’s for police and personal protection, has won obedience training competitions, and has testified in numerous court cases as a canine behavior and aggression expert. Most importantly, Erin is an avid dog lover with a thoughtful approach to working with each client she meets (human and dog) and her talent in dog training has made her a leading resource for shelters and rescue organizations all over the West Coast.

Michelle Molina

Professional Dog Trainer

Michelle joined us at Tug Dogs after she brought in her own high energy dog Sage in for training and caught the training bug! Graduating with a degree in psychology from California State University Sacramento, Michelle’s academic background combined with her hardworking nature made her a great fit for being on team Tug Dogs. Michelle completed three Tug Dog’s trainer’s courses followed by a lengthy apprenticeship program and has put all that learning to excellent use! Michelle is an outstanding trainer who works hard to develop relationships with each dog she trains and has excelled in every dog training task we have thrown her way including training service and therapy dogs, aggression rehabilitation and more. In addition to working with Tug Dogs, Michelle also owns Sage Canines, a dog training business located in Southern Washington.

Stace Dugdale

lead Dog Trainer

Fate brought Stace to us here at Tug Dogs as she desperately searched for a trainer who could help her better understand and train her dog Puck who suffered from serious behavior issues. As an incredibly dedicated dog owner, Stace had tried no less than 5 other trainers and spent thousands of dollars without finding training that worked for her and Puck. We were thrilled to help Stace understand and work with Puck’s behavioral issues and even more thrilled when she hung around for multiple trainer’s courses to learn about canine training and behavior in depth! Stace has been a volunteer with local animal shelters and a foster home taking in rescues in need from various rescue groups throughout the state. Stace has completed a canine nosework trainer’s course certification, is an American Kennel Club CGC evaluator, and is currently training in ringsport with her Belgian Malinois puppy Devo. Stace’s clients rave about her skilled human and canine training skills that ensure dog owners get the results they need.

Rachelle Skinner

professional Dog Trainer

Rachelle came to Tug Dogs after graduating from another professional trainer’s school where she got a solid foundation in training but wanted to expand her skills and delve further into behavior modification topics such as anxiety and aggression issues. Rachelle has worked as both a high level, professional groomer, and trainer and has completed both our foundation and advanced trainer’s courses as well as her apprenticeship program. Rachelle has previously co-founded a prison dog training program, co-operates an animal related non-profit organization, has worked professionally as a service dog trainer, and is an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator. Rachelle has rapidly become an indispensable part of the Tug Dogs team and has earned lots of praise from her clients for her top-notch training skills.

Cheantelle Camaioni

Lead Dog Trainer

When we met Cheantelle in one of our trainer’s school sessions, we could see immediately her passion and drive for working with dogs and knew she would be a good fit for joining Tug Dogs. Prior to joining us, Cheantelle was an active dog owner and foster/volunteer with local dog rescues. Cheantelle passed both the Tug Dogs foundation and advanced trainer’s courses with ease in addition to completing our mandatory appreciate program directly under Tug Dogs owner Erin. Trainer Cheantelle has completed certification as a Canine Nosework Instructor, and is active with her Belgian Malinois Nova in scent work, ringsport training, dock diving, and has even dabbled in sheep herding. Cheantelle is an incredibly talented trainer and we are thrilled to have her join us!

Rebecca Lane

Manners and Obedience specialist

Rebecca has quickly made herself an asset to the Tug Dogs team by eagerly stepping up at every opportunity to learn and pitch in. Rebecca has completed both the Foundation Trainer’s Course as well as our Advanced Trainer’s Course and is currently completing the rigorous Tug Dogs apprentice program. Rebecca’s passion for all things dogs can be seen in her foster work helping local rescues in need and her care and consideration with each dog she is working with. We can’t wait to see Rebecca complete her apprenticeship and join our team full time!

Julie Christensen

Manners and Obedience specialist

Julie is a star student from both our beginning and advanced trainer’s courses in addition to a current foster home provider and volunteer for Golden State Greyhound Rescue where she assists with rescue greyhounds coming off the racing track. In addition, Julie has previously volunteered at Sacramento County Animal Shelter and has also worked in basic horse training skills and is even considering teaching her chickens an agility routine! Julie has completed a Canine Conditioning Coaching Certification and we look forward to watching Julie’s training skills grow even stronger as she becomes a part of the Tug Dogs team.

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