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JUN 2018
Elverta, CA

Dog Trainer Apprentice Meetup

Are you a graduate of one of our trainer’s courses or an existing trainer wanting to advance quickly in getting hands on skills and coaching? If so, come and join this free meetup put on by Tug Dogs owner Erin Kramer to learn about options to learn more and receive direct coaching. If you are interested in attending, please get in touch to add your name to the list.

Cost: FREE

JUN 2018
Elverta, CA

Dog Trainer Apprentice Meetup

Free introduction to Tug Dogs owner Erin Kramer’s client coaching services. Erin brings a highly unique set of skills refined form having a decade of experience in working in the industry, training new trainers, and providing top level trainer coaching to her own successful staff.

Come join for free and learn some powerful tips from an industry pro! Get in touch to reserve your space at this meetup.

Cost: FREE

SEPT 2018
Elverta, CA

Shy Dog Mini Course

Do you have a dog who is shy, nervous, or reactive in new places or with new people/dogs? If so, than our Shy Dog Mini Course is for you! This TWO PART course includes a class and a private training session all designed to help your dog become more confident and social.

During class we will focus on helping you learn more about your dog’s behavior and how to be better handler. Following class, you will have a private training lesson to practice your new skills under the watchful eye of expert Trainer Rachelle who will help coach you into making good new training habits.

Shy Dog Mini Course costs $250 and space is limited so please reserve early. To sign up, simply get in touch and we will complete your mini course registration.

Cost: $250

Sep 2018
Elverta, CA

Dog Trainer Apprentice Meetup

During the class and private lessons we will be focused on teaching you and your dog essential elements to curb their leash reactivity including:

  • leadership training
  • polite leash walking exercises
  • leash handling techniques
  • equipment
  • interrupting undesirable behavior
  • motivating good choices
  • maintaining positive habit changes

Group class will be held on 9/8 from 9-10am at Tug Dogs in Elverta. This class is humans only!

Cost: $475

OCT 2018
Elverta, CA

Behavior Intensive Trainer’s Course

Tug Dogs owner Erin Kramer heads on the road to teach our popular Fundamental Trainer’s Course including obedience training and behavior modification coursework. Tug Dogs Behavior Intensive Trainer’s Course focuses on the most challenging and frequently sought after component of dog training…modifying problem behaviors including fear, aggression and anxiety.

Cost: $650

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