Trainer’s School

Foundation Trainer’s Course: Offered annually each Spring, our Foundation Trainer’s Course is a 6 week, night/weekend course broken into two modules. The first module focuses on obedience training, using motivation in training, off leash training, pets verses working dogs, the 5 pillars of training obedience commands and more. The second module focuses on behavior modification techniques for dogs facing fear, aggression, and anxiety issues. Students will learn about diagnosing behavior issues, conducting evaluations, canine body language, handling leash and barrier reactivity, modifying resource guarding, aggression towards dogs and people, safety practices, and more.

Students are given weekly quizzes on course material and a final exam after each module. Participants who meet attendance and performance requirements will be provided with a certificate of completion. To learn more or obtain an application contact us (link)

Advanced Trainer’s Course: Offered in the fall, the full time Advanced Trainer’s Program is a 3 week course focused on expanding the skills of existing professional trainers. The course will cover competitive obedience commands, retrieves, service dog training, behavior modification for extreme behavior issues, and the art of human coaching.

Students are given weekly quizzes and a final exam and will be issues a certificate of completion for meeting performance and attendance requirements. To learn more or obtain an application contact us.