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Virtual Trainer’s Club: Become a Dog Trainer!

Have you ever dreamed of working with dogs for a living? The dog training industry is booming, offering new and exciting career opportunities for passionate dog overs who want to positively impact the lives of dogs and their humans!

For the first time EVER Tug Dogs and TDC are offering a comprehensive, virtual trainer’s club designed to teach you how to be a top level dog trainer. You will be learning the skills Tug Dogs trainers learn to transform out of control, behaviorally challenged dogs, into happy, well behaved family pets.

Whether you are ready to pursue your dream of becoming a professional trainer, want to sharpen your skills for rescue work, or even want to be the best dog owner you can to your own dogs, this club will provide you with a wealth of dog training information you can immediately put to use.

Virtual Trainer’s Club is open to participants 16 years or older who are passionate about all things dog. Club members must have regular access to the internet, be able to record and upload video, and have a facebook account. All course material will be in English.

So just what is Virtual Trainer’s Club (VTC)?? So glad you asked! VTC is a unique opportunity for you to learn the art of dog training from skilled instructors in the comfort of your own home.

VTC allows you to access the course material at your convenience so long as weekly homework deadlines are met. You will be joined in class by 4 other students just like you and get to learn and grow collectively under the careful guidance of your instructor.

You will be learning from Tug Dogs lead trainer Cheantelle Camaioni who is a graduate of 3 Tug Dogs courses, private apprenticeship with owner Erin Kramer, graduate of a Michael Ellis course, and is a highly skilled obedience and behavior dog trainer.

Our traditional trainer’s club and trainer’s courses have been life changing for many of our students. You will lean tons of valuable information that has taken us over a decade (and our literal blood, sweat, and tears) to learn in an easy to understand format.

VTC will cover a wide range of topics including:

OBEDIENCE TRAINING: pillars to success, building cooperation, handling distractions, commands (sit, down, come stay, leave it, park it etc…), polite leash walking, getting off leash, competitive obedience.

BEHAVIOR TRAINING: dog on dog aggression, dog on human aggression, leash reactivity, separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, fearful behavior, impolite greeting, noise sensitivity, potty training, resource guarding, dogs and kids

You will have the opportunity to get feedback about your training skills and ask tons of questions as you learn.

Class begins April 1st, 2019. Students who enroll for this first VCT will not incur foundation training lecture fees. Students who enroll after April, will be required to participate in foundation lecture at an additional fee to ensure they are ready to successfully enroll in VCT.

The club continues each month with students able to leave and return as they see fit. This flexibility ensures you can participate when you have the time and funds to do so and leave the club when your educational goals have been met.

We are currently enrolling 10 students into VCT. To sign up, simply email us at:

Join the event on Facebook and receive important updates here:

Confident Canine Class

Welcome to our Tug Dogs Virtual Dog Training Course: Confident Canine Class. This fun and information packed course will provide YOU the education required to boost your dog’s confidence and help reduce their issues with fear, stress, anxiety, and aggression.

If your dog struggles with being left home alone, being aggressive or nervous around strangers, being reactive towards other dogs, or is just generally shy, this course can help create positive habits that boost your dog’s mental confidence and reduce their problem behaviors.

This course is also a great fit for dog owners with active dogs who want to improve their training relationship and build more focus and cooperation during fun training exercises.

This course is open to any dog as training takes place in the safety of your own home. Dogs struggling with insecurity issues or owners wanting to work on a stronger dog/human relationship will love this course.

Our confidence building class will incorporate fun training challenges that you and your dog will preform and video to share with your instructor. Class will include watching video of your course trainer demonstrating and instructing what you will be doing at home, uploading video to get direct feedback, engaging in thoughtful discussions to ensure you are getting educated along with your dog, and having the opportunity to get questions answered. By the end of the course, you will have a dog who is more confident and looking to you for more information!

Class takes place during the month of March, 2019. Each week there will be a class focus with assigned homework. Participants can choose any day or time to engage in class so long as weekly assignments are turned in by Saturday at 11:59pm.

Space is limited to 5 participants so that all of our students get plenty of time with course instructors. Class fee $245. Sign up for 2 classes and save $40

**Email: to sign up!

Join the event on Facebook and receive important updates here:

Tug Your Way to Training Success

Many people often ask, what’s with the name Tug Dogs? Our name refers to the game of tug, which is much more than just a fun way to play with your dog.

Tug is about creating a relationship with your dog where there is give and take. A dog who successfully knows how to play tug is a dog who has mastered impulse control, trusts their handler, has high level motivation, and knows when to stop.

Tug is now only great for building a better dog/human relationship, it is a game that is used to motivate dogs at the highest levels of training including for competition and police K9 work.

If you are interested in learning how to channel your dog’s natural drive to play tug into a game that gets you able to play fetch, perform advanced obedience, starts off leash training, and works on your dog impulse control than this class is for you!

This class is open to any dog who enjoys the game of tug!

During this course you will be learning how to properly play the game of tug to get real and long lasting training results. Each week, your instructor will be breaking down steps of the game with video instruction. You will practice at home and upload your own video to get direct feedback from our skilled trainers. We will be covering:

-Starting the game of tug out right
-Preventing resource guarding
-Building your dog’s motivation to play
-How to effectively control the game
-Teaching your dog to drop/out the toy on command
-Using the tug as a reward for obedience commands
-Laying the foundation for fetch

This class will take place during the month of March with 4 weeks of instruction. Our virtual classes allow for the ultimate level of flexibility where you can stick to your own schedule do long as you upload your homework each week by Saturday at 11:59pm.

Class is limited to 5 participants. Course fee is $245.

** To sign up, email us at:

Join the event on Facebook and receive important updates here: https//

Come on Command Class

Every dog big or small needs to be able to come when called! The come command is the key to off leash control, reflects an excellent training relationship between you and your dog, and can be life saving in the event of an emergency.

If you need to work on your dog reliably coming when called, even with distractions present, then this class is for you!

This class is open to all dogs of any age, breed, or size.

This Come on Command class will be broken into 4 weeks of instructions which will include video demonstration, Tug Dogs tricks and tips for success, and you uploading video of your homework to receive direct feedback from our skilled trainers.

Topics will include being clear in your commands, setting the right foundation, motivating your dog to come the first time you call, what to do if your dog doesn’t come, and handling distractions.

Virtual class takes place the entire month of March with a new lesson uploaded each week. You may check into your training class at your convenience so long as weekly assignments are submitted by Saturday at 11:59pm.

Class costs $245, or buy any 2 virtual classes and save $40.

**To sign up, simply email us at:

Join the event on Facebook and receive important updates here

Park it Party Class

Follow any Tug Dogs training and you will see lots of park it practice. But what is park it and why does it matter??

Park it a great skill that any dog can learn. The command simply means to go to a designated area and stay until given a release word. We LOVE park it for so many reasons! Park it useful for:

-Helping dogs learn polite greeting manners
-Working on impulse control
-Building a better training relationship
-Practicing sharing things between multiple dogs
-Strengthening a dog’s ability to work through distractions
-Stopping door dashers
-Rewarding calm, polite behavior

All dogs are welcome to join the park it party!

Our Park it Party Virtual Class will guide you step by step through the process of teaching your dog what park it means and motivating them to stay on their spot. Each week you will be learning a new crucial skill that will build your dog’s training to be able to handle tough distractions while following your directions.

The class will include video discussion and will require you to upload homework video each week. You get to set your own training schedule so long as assignments are turned in by Saturday at 11:59pm!

March 1, 2019-March 31, 2019, in your home!

Class is limited to 5 participants. Course fee is $245 or purchase 2 virtual courses at the same time and save $40.

**To sign up, email us at:

Join the event on Facebook and receive important updates here

Polite Leash Walking Class

Has walking your dog become an endless battle of pulling, barking and getting distracted? Then this class is for you! Our polite leash walking virtual class will teach your dog to walk nicely with yanking you around, pay better attention to you, handle distractions, and make walks more enjoyable!

Please note, this class does not deal with leash reactivity issues such as reacting to dogs, people, bicycles, animals, skateboards etc…

This class is available to all dogs of any age, breed, or size.

Our Polite Leash Walking Virtual Class provides valuable instruction on how to get your dog walking without pulling on the leash. Topics will include:

-Selecting the right walking gear
-Foundation exercises that lead to big success
-Teaching your dog how the leash is supposed it work
-Building cooperation during walks
-Properly motivating your dog to follow the rules

Class instruction will be provided via video and participants will upload homework videos and receive direct feedback from our skilled trainers.

Virtual class allows for the ultimate flexibility during our 3/1/19-3/31/19 class. Simply login at your convenience and submit homework assignments by Saturdays at 11:59pm.

Course fee is $245 or save $40 by signing up for 2 of our virtual classes together.

** To sign up, simply email us at:

Join the event on Facebook and receive important updates here


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