You Get What You Pay For

We’ve all heard the say, “you get what you pay for.” Nowhere is this truer than in your dog’s training. Dog’s are not born with the innate desire to please humans (or even to understand what it is we want from them).

So let’s talk about 2 payment error you may be making with your dog:

1) Not paying enough. Would you continue to perform well at your job if you were paid 10% less? How about 30% less? How about 90% less? Very few of us would continue to show up and give our best¬†at work if we aren’t being properly rewarded. The same is true for your dog!

It requires such little effort for you to notice when your dog is doing something right and acknowledge it with a treat, praise, or pet that communicates your satisfaction to your pup.

The key is to find out what motivates YOUR dog the most and pay for the things you really like or that your dog finds challenging on a regular basis.

We don’t just get paid once at work and then continue to work for free! Keeping up with continual payment to your dog is the BEST way to ensure they are motivated to make good choices.

2) Not paying for the right things. What would happen if you paid your kids for dropping dirty clothes on the floor, your employees for watching youtube videos while at work, or your auto mechanic for closing up while you waited on your car?

You would never pay for any of those things because you inherently understand that if you reward that behavior, it will continue. Yet you may be paying your dog for many behaviors you don’t truly like (and not paying for the ones you do!).

Are you paying your dog for being calm and keeping all 4 feet on the floor when you get home or are you rewarding (with praise and attention) over exciting jumping?

Are you paying your dog for being pushy and demanding to get your attention rather than being calm and polite?

Are you paying your dog for running around like a crazy to go for a walk instead of sitting and waiting to get their leash put on before exiting the house?

So as you work on your dog’s training, be sure to ask yourself if your dog is getting properly paid! And if you run into trouble, reach out so that one of our skilled trainers can assist in helping you and your dog live your best lives together.