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Creating Calm is one of my favorite courses as it approaches dog training from the understanding that what a dog is thinking and feeling is more important than just what their body is doing. Sure we can order dogs to follow commands in an effort to get them to abide by our rules but training becomes SO much more powerful when we also teach them how to exist calmly and peacefully in our day to day lives and when challenges present themselves. This course will provide you with insight and easy to follow steps to help your dog harness their calm and make good behavior choices all on their own!

How Calmness Helps You

Connection to Your End Goals: If we want dogs to walk politely on leash, and not react to everything we encounter when out strolling the neighborhood, we have to make sure getting the leash put on and heading out the door isn’t the world’s biggest party. If we want dogs to be able to greet people without jumping, we teach them that when they are calm, they get access to attention. No matter what end goal you have for your dog, helping them learn how to get into a calmer state will provide the mindset they need to make good choices and listen to instructions.

Making Life Less Stressful: An interesting thing about being a dog trainer is that I get a window into people’s lives. Because we trainers need to know what’s happening to and around your dog, we often get to learn about your home routines, setup, who comes in/out, how much spare time you have, and a host of lifestyle information. (Don’t worry we aren’t judging, only problem solving). And in my collection of years doing this, I have seen one very consistent trend that persists in nearly all of the clients I work with…stress. Most of us are busy and rushing in a million different directions. And somewhere brewing inside me is (another) dog-themed TED talk about how our canine companions aren’t just family, they are “canaries in the coal mine” about how we are living our lives.  A well-behaved dog makes life less stressful. And as an amazing tribute to how much we love our pets, time and time again I see owners who are unwilling to slow down and introduce calmness back into their lives for their own sake but do it for their beloved pets. So believe it or not, even if you do it just for your dog, getting some practice at being calm may be another way your dog brings more fulfillment into your life.

Helping Your Dog Live Their Best Life: Not only will introducing calmness into your training routine help your dog meet your training goals, but it will also aid your dog in living better. Dogs who are calm tend to be better at socializing with other dogs, (because of their good behavior) often get to enjoy more adventures with you, and are less prone to stress. You can’t pick up a health publication these days without reading about how meditation, mindfulness, and a reduction in stress provides mental and physical health benefits. The same must be true for our pets!

Join the Creating Calm course to get your dog on track to becoming a zenned out canine companion!


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