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Tug Dogs trainers are highly experienced in working with complex behavior cases including dogs with aggressive behavior. When working with any dog, and especially those who have the potential to bite, we take every step possible to keep your dog, our team members, and the community at large safe. Our safety protocol includes a variety of steps from how we introduce ourselves to your dog to the specialized and secure equipment we use (such as locking leashes and safety back up clips).

In all of our training, we work to create best-case scenarios while ensuring we have a plan in place for worst-case scenarios. This is why we have been able to maintain an outstanding safety record despite our work with seriously aggressive dogs. As part of our protocol, we require that some dogs practice muzzle conditioning prior to, or during their training time with us. We will require you to muzzle condition your dog if there is even a possibility that we may need to use one during training sessions so that we use your dog’s training time with us most effectively. By following the steps in this course, your dog can learn to accept and comfortably wear their muzzle so that if we need it, your dog will be prepared.


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