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In my many years as a dog trainer, I have seen first hand how having a dog who listens and cooperates makes life more enjoyable for both dog and human. When we are able to effectively communicate with our dogs and get them to respond to our commands, we have the tools we need to successfully navigate even challenging situations. With a little patience and practice, you can have your dog following your commands to sit, lay down, come, and stay.

Following the simple steps outlined in this course will ensure that your dog understands your commands and is motivated to follow them. Key themes in this course will include: the need to start in easy environments and build slowly, how critical consistency is, and how repetition is the key to success.  Using the easy techniques taught in this course, we have trained thousands of dogs to be excellent family companions and we look forward to your dog becoming our next success story. By putting in the time now to work with your dog in practicing their commands, you are making a wonderful investment in having a dog who is easier to live and adventure with!


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* Please Note: Tug Dogs is unable to provide re-homing services or requests for training outside of Northern California.

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