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There are so many ways that you’re going to love using your dog’s park it skills. Imagine hearing a knock at the door and being able to send your dog to their bed to wait as visitors come inside. Consider how nice it would be to have a dog who can stay on their spot when it’s time to get their leash put on instead of vaulting all over the furniture in a rush of excitement. Have a dog who begs or pesters you during dinner time? With a park it command, you’ll be able to reward them for relaxing on their place so that you can eat in peace.

Best of all, park it is a GREAT way to really strengthen your dog’s cooperation “muscles” and help them rehearse critical traits like controlling their impulses and listening even when distractions are present. So park it won’t just be a highly useful command you’ll use in day to day life, it can also be a bridge to getting your dog to listen better when you’re out and about in the real world.

During this course, you will learn how to introduce your dog to park it with luring and guidance, how important rewarding frequently is, and how critical using a release word and body language is so that your dog understands when their stay is over. With a bit of practice and following the rules of the course, your dog will be a park it superstar in no time!


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