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If you want your dog to listen to you when things are the most exciting (like when visitors arrive at your house,) the most difficult (like when taking your dog to a busy environment,) or the most stressful (like when encountering another dog while out on a walk,) your dog needs to have practiced listening to you when things are easy. This is what the Relationship Reboot Course is all about!

Working with thousands of dogs over many years of training, I have had the opportunity to see first hand how much your daily interactions with your dog either sets them up for training success or dooms them to training failure. When you practice skills like following instructions, not being pushy, and delaying gratification when things are easy (like at home,) your dog has the chance to build positive habits that will translate into better behavior when challenges arise.

Relationship Reboot isn’t about giving your dog less affection or access to things they love. Far from it! It’s about rewarding your dog for behaviors that create positive outcomes in your training and strengthening mutual respect. By completing the 2 week Relationship Reboot challenge, you will be helping your dog learn behaviors that will strengthen their cooperation skills and aid in reaching all of your training goals.


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