In-Home Pet Boarding Services

We don’t get to control where we’re born, who we are raised by, and a lot of what happens to and around us. In that way, life is a bit like a lottery for both us and our dogs. Tug Dogs is all about helping dogs hit the jackpot. Our in home boarding services are carefully designed to offer safe and enriching experiences that enhance your dog’s life with fun activities.

For Social Dogs

We know the struggle well…you need to go out of town and your dog can’t come with you. But you want to make darn SUREĀ  that your dog stays in a place that they enjoy, that doesn’t cause them to have behavior problems, and that supports their sociability and training. That’s exactly what we offer. We designed our boarding stays to be what we would want for our own friendly pups (and we are quite demanding doggy parents!). Dogs who meet our boarding requirements get to stay in home, with our trainers while enjoying playtime, snuggle sessions, and plenty of exercise under the careful watch of our experienced staff.

Our in home boarding services are designed to keep your dog mentally and physically safe. By taking on a small number of social dogs under the watchful eye of our skilled, professional trainers, we ensure your dog has a stress free and fun stay. After all, what your dog experiences (especially in a more challenging time like when they are away from you and their normal surroundings) can directly impact both their behavior and their happiness. Dogs who are exposed to mental stress, housed around other unstable dogs, or who have traumatic experiences often carry that trauma for the rest of their lives. Our boarding stays are all about giving you and your pup piece of mind when you can’t be there to care for them.

Requirements for Boarding:

  • Your dog must be consistently people and dog social
  • Your dog must be up to date on rabies, distemper, and parvo vaccinations
  • Your dog must be in good health and free of all parasites
  • Your dog must be fully potty trained
  • Your dog must be a good house guest meaning no excessive barking, destructive behavior, anxiety, phobias, or other problem behaviors
  • New dogs must undergo an overnight evaluation with us where we can determine they are a good fit for future stays
  • No unspayed females
  • We do not currently accept puppies under 1 year of age

Facility Details

  • Located in Elverta (North of Natomas, West of Roseville) on 5 acres of space
  • Multiple, privacy fenced in play yards
  • 1 acre fenced in in field space
  • In ground swimming pool
  • Home atmosphere setup to be perfectly dog-friendly
  • Custom accommodations: we learn what works the best for your dog from sleeping in bed right along with us to enjoying a stay in our doggy guest rooms
  • Crates available for use by request
  • Customized dog interaction: some dogs just want to hang out with our canine crew while others are ready to run and play. So long as your dog is not aggressive, they are welcome to join in the fun
  • All staff are professional dog trainers supervising your dog’s activities
  • Focus on mental & physical safety- as professional trainers who specialize in dog behavior, we know how important your dog’s mental safety is. We want all of our guests to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed during their stay and have specific strategies we employ to ensure this happens

Boarding Details

  • A $35 boarding evaluation is required if we are not familiar with your dog
  • Dogs stay in our home as part of our canine family during their stay
  • We welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • All dogs are carefully screened to ensure positive experiences during group play
  • There are no additional charges for play, exercise, and field time
  • There are no grooming services available
  • We are open for boarding 365 days out of the year
  • Space is very limited so make reservations early!
  • Cost is $70/night per dog which includes all of your dog’s care and participation in doggy daycare
  • Drop off and pick up appointments available between 7am-7pm and must be scheduled in advance
  • Boarding does not include any training services unless you have pre-arranged to add training to your dog’s stay
  • Drop off and pick up allowed 7 days a week (by appointment only)


Boarding Application

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* Please Note: Tug Dogs is unable to provide re-homing services or requests for training outside of Northern California.