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Do you have a dog who pulls on leash, won’t follow commands, jumps up on visitors, or just doesn’t listen? Is your dog’s behavior limiting your ability to live and adventure together stress-free? We can help! How much more would you enjoy living and adventuring with your dog if you could go for walks without them pulling, have them reliably follow your commands, greet people politely, and just be a well-behaved pup? Using our specialized Tug Dogs Training System, we give your dog the education they need to learn how to better behave in our human world and become a cooperative companion so that you can live better together.

Our training approach is designed to motivate your dog to make good choices, replace your dog’s bad habits with good ones, and provide you with the information you’ll need to maintain your dog’s training success. We have carefully developed three excellent training programs designed to comprehensively tackle your training goals in a fun and effective manner. Not only do our training programs help your dog achieve better manners and livability skills when your dog knows what is expected of them and can behave appropriately in a variety of environments, they get to lead a more fulfilling doggy life!


Manners Minder Retreat
Immerse your dog in a training experience so they come home well behaved and cooperative

The Tug Dogs Manners Minder Retreat Program provides a totally unique, customized training approach that ensures your dog will get rapid training results while staying in the comfort of our trainers’ homes. We use a fun and highly effective immersive training method ensuring your dog gets lots of repetition on how to cooperate and behave so that new training skills become long-lasting habits.

Outside of their training sessions, your dog will be welcomed into our trainers’ homes as one of the family. Whether they are enjoying field trips, lounging at home with us, making new friends, participating in playtime, or getting in snuggle time with their trainer, we go the extra mile to ensure your dog learns a lot AND enjoys their training stay.

After your dog has learned how to listen to commands every time, walk politely on leash, greet company without jumping up, and stop their bad habits, we will take the time to teach YOU how to maintain their great new doggy manners through 3 private training sessions. These, one on one lessons with your trainer will give you all the information and practice you need to ensure that you know how to make your dog’s training last.

One of the most valuable parts of your dog joining us for a Manners Minder Retreat is our complete home study guide which cannot be found at ANY other training organization. The guide is a step by step manual created just for you and your dog designed to tell you everything you need to know. The guide ensures that all humans handling your dog have the information they need so that your dog’s training doesn’t come undone! It also allows you to revisit sections anytime you like to get a refresher about how to help your dog be successful. Best of all, the information included will be just about your dog and your training goals. What could be better than having lifetime access to Tug Dogs training material 100% geared to you and your dog forever?!

Tug Dogs Manners Minder Retreat limits reservations to just 2 dogs per trainer so we can fully focus on your dog’s training. This means space is VERY limited! To get your dog signed up or added to the waitlist, schedule your free phone consultation today.

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Starter Spot
Helping dogs go from challenging to cooperative with private training sessions

Tug Dogs Starter Spot Program offers fast and affordable training for puppies and dogs (and dog owners) who need refining of manners and practice with obedience training skills. In this program, you’ll receive 6 weeks of private lessons all designed to get your dog listening and behaving better using our proven Tug Dogs Training System.

There's nothing worse than paying for training only to have your dog behave great at lessons but revert back to misbehaving at home. That's why our training programs focus on educating you alongside your dog so you know the simple steps needed to ensure your dog's training works no matter where you are.

If you are ready to sign up or learn more about our Starter Spot Program, schedule your free phone consultation today.

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* Please Note: Tug Dogs is unable to provide re-homing services or requests for training outside of Northern California.