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You love your dog, but you don’t always love the choices they make. Whether your pup is struggling with serious behavior problems like fear, aggression or anxiety, or just needs to refine their manners, we can help. Our training team utilizes the most effective, scientifically supported training methods that not only yield long lasting results, but also that enhance your dog’s quality of life. Great dog training isn’t just about telling your dog what to do, it’s also about helping them learn how to cope with the world around them and become a good, doggy decision maker. 

For the past 15 years, Tug Dogs has been a go to resource for thousands of dog owners, canine rescue groups, and animal shelters to help dogs of every breed, age, and problem behavior get lasting, training results. We offer a unique training system that integrates a combined brain and body focus that goes beyond just giving your dog obedience commands and in addition helps your dog change how they feel in challenging situations so they can make better choices all on their own as well as look to you for guidance when they need it most. Included in every training is education and support for you, so that you know exactly what to do to set your dog up for success.

When your dog wins, we win. And we can’t wait to share our expertise to help you and your dog become out next success story so we can all win together. Fill in your information below to start your training journey with us and we’ll review and reach out to schedule a Free Behavior Consultation ($199 value) where we can learn more about who your dog is and how we can help them live their best life with you!

Programs starting at $799

Ultimate Program

Advanced Training and Support From Start to Finish

The Ultimate Program is the ultimate way to stop your dog's problem behavior/s, prevent future behavior challenges, build advanced cooperation, and get full support from your your dog's training actually lasts! In this comprehensive program, your trainer will be with you every step of the way so that your dog can stop making poor decisions and instead make long lasting, positive behavior habits.

The Ultimate Program is specially designed to treat moderate to severe behavior problems including (but not limited to) dog/human aggression, anxiety, fearfulness, resource guarding, separation anxiety, stranger danger, dog socialization problems, phobias, and more. This program has been carefully constructed to include all of the elements that create long term success, even with the most severe cases.

Best of all, the Ultimate Program is our only training option that allows you and your dog to get full habit change support. We want your training investment to last so that you and your dog to live better together! So this program includes regular check in's from your trainer designed to support you and your dog, keep you on track, be readily available for questions/issues, and have an accountability partner guiding you along the way. Our clients who have received our full habit change support report the most life changing and longest lasting training results.

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Essentials Program

Manners, Obedience & Puppy Training

The Essentials Program is a great training selection for dogs who need help with manners, puppies learning the ropes, and for basic obedience training skills like following commands and polite leash walking. Your trainer will show you exactly what to do to get your dog or pup listening and cooperative and check in with you throughout the program to make sure you're on track. This program is a good fit for dogs without serious behavior problems. View Gmail in Moos

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Board & Train

We Do The Heavy Lifting & Then Show You How To Maintain

The Board and Train Program is the fastest and easiest way to get your dog to learn new commands and skills all from the comfort of a trainer's home. During your dog's stay, we'll work on their training skills conducting at least 5 training sessions per day, all focused on meeting your goals.

Included in the Board and Train Program are field trips (as applicable to your dog), work around role model dogs as needed, regular training updates for you, and a detailed pick up lesson to review what your dog has learned so you know how to maintain their skills.

We only accept 1-2 board and training dogs at a time so that your dog's training is our top priority and we have as much time as your dog needs to change their behavior and get them well trained. Your dog will live comfortably in your trainer's home where they will be a part of the family, ensuring that their stay is both safe and fun.

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* Please Note: Tug Dogs is unable to provide re-homing services or requests for training outside of Northern California.

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