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You love your dog, but that doesn’t always mean you love the choices that they make. Dogs who struggle with fear, aggression, or anxiety based behavioral problems present unique challenges that go far beyond teaching basic obedience commands and manners training. Have you stopped having guests over or must lock your dog away when company arrives? Are walks an embarrassing nightmare because your dog reacts to every dog, person, or bike in sight? Is taking your dog out of the house a stressful experience? Are you worried that your dog’s problem behaviors are affecting their ability to live a happy dog life? Has your dog attacked or threatened neighbors, friends, other dogs, or even you?

At Tug Dogs we know that training a dog is not just about getting dogs to follow commands. Great dog training is about creating positive habit changes, building better communication, and teaching your dog the skills that will help them overcome their problem behaviors. Our training focuses on what is happening in your dog’s mind instead of just what their body is doing. After all, how your dog behaves on the outside is simply a reflection of their thoughts and feelings on the inside. Using our groundbreaking Tug Dogs Training System, we have helped thousands of dogs overcome challenging problem behaviors and assisted owners in learning the handling skills needed to ensure those changes last. The Tug Dogs Training System has been used with the 30+ canine rescue organizations we work with, is taught internationally to dog training students, and is the focus of our lesson plans at Northern California animals shelters as part of our community outreach program.

Our training system starts with foundation skills that prepare your dog to overcome their fears, get in the habit of controlling impulses, learn how to find calmness, build social confidence, and look to humans for guidance. By practicing these skills BEFORE putting your dog in situations that cause poor behavior, we are ensuring that your dog understands what we want and has been given the tools to be successful. We then carefully construct social situations to ensure that your dog has the opportunity to learn at the right level to meet your training goals.

As your dog is learning how to change their behavior, you will also be learning how to change yours. Tug Dogs trainers are not only skilled dog trainers, but we have also put an emphasis on our client coaching skills! It does no good for you if your dog performs well for a trainer but acts differently when you are in charge. This is why every training program we offer comes with “human training” too. Our professional trainers know how to provide information in ways that are easy to remember and provide helpful motivation so that you put into practice what you have learned. We will guide you through the process of changing your habits and even offer one on one virtual coaching so that you can easily work on your handling skills from the comfort of home.

How would life be different for you and your dog if you could leave the house without worrying about how your dog will behave, walk down the street without your dog barking and lunging at others, introduce your dog to other people or pets, and have a more confident, stable, and happy canine companion? The most rewarding part of our job is getting to help so many dogs transform from out of control, worried, and stressed to relaxed, capable, and well-behaved. And we can help your dog too!

If your dog is struggling with fearful, aggressive, or anxious behavior, they are asking for help in the only way they can. Sign up today for our free phone consultation where one of our professional trainers will learn more about who your dog is and what problems you’re experiencing as well as share more information about how Tug Dogs training works and answer all of your questions.

Reformed Rover
3 weeks board and train
5 private training sessions
Online Learning

Our Reformed Rover Program is all about intensive training fully customized to stop your dog’s problem behaviors and help them learn how to make better choices. During 3 weeks of immersive board and training, your dog will receive one on one training sessions multiple times per day addressing all of their behavior challenges.

Beyond learning new, positive habits, your dog will live in one of our professional trainer’s homes so that they can enjoy their training stay including getting lots of exercise, social experience, snuggle time, and becoming a part of our canine family.

To ensure that you know how to help your dog succeed and make their training last, you will receive 5 private training sessions and 3 home study sessions.

Best of all, you will receive a complete and fully customized take home guide created for your dog by your trainer. This guide will serve as a how-to manual so that you can share with others who handle your dog or get a refresher anytime you need. It’s like having your Tug Dogs trainer there as a coach whenever you need us! And don’t worry if you run into a question in the future, you’ll have lifetime access to our Online Learning courses.

So that your dog receives our full attention, we take on only ONE dog (per trainer) for our Reformed Rover Program so space is limited! Get in touch today to schedule your free phone consultation to learn if this program is the right fit for your dog.

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Happy Hound
6 week program
Online Learning

The Tug Dogs Happy Hound Program is all about teaching you and your dog together so that you have the tools and information you need to work through your dog’s behavior challenges at home. During weeks 1, 3, and 5 you will work side by side with your trainer to change your dog’s problem behaviors and transform them into a more confident, calm, non reactive, and polite companion. On weeks 4 and 6 you will participate in home study lessons where you will have the opportunity to reinforce new habits and practice your handling skills to ensure your dog’s training will last.

In addition to your private training sessions, you will receive access to our Online Learning courses.

If you are ready to help your dog overcome their fears, stop their anxiety, and get rid of their aggression, schedule your free phone consultation today.

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* Please Note: Tug Dogs is unable to provide re-homing services or requests for training outside of Northern California.