Puppy Programs (7 months and under)

Congratulations on getting your new puppy! Welcoming a pup into your home can be an exciting, challenging and often stressful adventure. If you are like many owners we work with, then you may be struggling with your puppy’s constant desire to destroy valuable stuff in your home, getting woken up in the middle of the night from crying and barking, finding frequent potty accidents that are ruining your flooring, attempting to dodge some seriously sharp puppy teeth, getting paw prints all over clothing and furniture from poor puppy manners, having walks turn into a frenzy of leash pulling and tangling, and so much more…

But don’t fret, we are here to help! We love working with puppies because as professional trainers know that tackling these issues now ensures that your puppy will learn appropriate behavior that will help them mature in a well-behaved dog before bad manners become seriously ingrained (And expensive to address) bad habits. Our fun and effective puppy training programs will give you and your pup the guidance you need to curb their problem behaviors, boost their cooperation skills, teach them important training commands, and help them fully realize their puppy potential.

Beyond just typical puppy behavior, you may also be spotting some critical signs of trouble such as a pup who is wary of strangers, overly concerned about being left alone, has heightened reactions to loud noises, demonstrated fearfulness of other dogs, or any other fearful, aggressive, or anxious behaviors. Without early training intervention in helping your pup build their social confidence, channel their inner calmness, and overcome their fears, most will go on to have lifelong behavioral issues which will diminish their quality of life and create stress at home. Using our innovative Tug Dogs Training System, we can create a customized plan to quickly address your puppy’s problem behaviors and get them on the right track so that you can live better together.

Maybe your puppy isn’t struggling with manners issues or more complex problem behaviors but you are one of those people who wants to make SURE they stay that way! Puppy training is one of the best investments you can make for your dog’s long term, mental well being. Nothing makes us Tug Dogs trainers happier than having the opportunity to help your puppy unleash their potential, build a rock-solid training relationship with you, teach you how to speak your puppy’s language, prevent problem behaviors that could arise in the future, and show your puppy how to be a well-behaved companion as they learn about how to live in our human world.

No matter what your puppy training goals, our carefully creating training programs will ensure your puppy can realize their potential and that you can live your best lives together for many years to come. To get started in learning about our puppy training, schedule your free phone consultation. During the call, one of our professional trainers will get more information about who your puppy is and what training goals you have for them along with sharing more about how our training works and answering all of your questions.

Capable Companion Program
2 weeks board and training
3 private training sessions
Online Learning

So you’ve brought home a new puppy but are feeling overwhelmed, unsure how to give your new family member the best start in life, have advanced training goals in mind, or are simply running low on time. Our Capable Companion Program is all about having us do the heavy lifting of puppy training and then teaching you how to maintain your pup’s good new habits.

Your puppy will start their education by spending 2 weeks living with one of our expert trainers learning important house manners like potty and crate training, polite greeting of guests, invitation to climb on furniture (optional), waiting at the front door, stopping destructive chewing behavior, getting rid of nipping/mouthing issues, and everything that comes with being a good house dog. In addition to manners, we have specially formulated our Capable Companion Program to include problem prevention training such as teaching your puppy that being alone is comfortable (preventing separation anxiety,) that dog and human strangers are fun (preventing fear and aggression,) that outings to new places are positive (preventing fear and anxiety,) and that there is no need to guard resources (preventing aggression).

Following your puppy’s 2 week stay, your trainer will work one on one with you during 3 private training sessions as well as 3 home study sessions to ensure that you know how to handle your puppy’s training and get all of your questions answered. As part of the program you will have lifetime access to the Tug Dogs help desk on Facebook to ask questions and get feedback about your pup’s training for their lifetime.

We limit enrollment in our Capable Companion Program to just two puppies per trainer to ensure that your pup gets tons of attention and training during their participation so schedule your free phone consultation today so we can learn more about helping your puppy meet all of your training goals.

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Problem Prevention Program
8 week program
Online Learning

Congratulations on adding a new member to your family! One of the BEST investments you can make to ensure your new puppy will follow rules, commands, and avoid stressful problem behaviors is signing up for training before they get in the routine of bad habits. After all, no one wants their puppy to become a dog who pulls and barks on leash, destroys your house and everything in it, reacts aggressively towards strangers and dogs, and is just out of control. At Tug Dogs we are passionate about puppy training because we know training during this young age is the best opportunity your pup has at living their happiest and most well behaved life.

Our Problem Prevention Program starts with teaching you and your puppy how to navigate through common puppy problems. During weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7 you will meet one on one with your Tug Dogs trainer to tackle early problem behaviors such as potty training, nipping, jumping, destructive chewing, crate training (optional), and general house manners. Included in your lessons will be strategies to prevent serious problem behaviors like fear, aggression, and anxiety that can arise later in life if puppies are not given proper socialization and training foundation.

During your private training sessions, your puppy will also practice obedience training foundation skills like learning how to walk politely on leash and respond to obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, come, and park it. Best of all, your puppy will have a cooperative training foundation put in place that will set the stage for lasting good behavior even after training is over.

Successful puppy training isn’t just about training your new pup...it’s also about training you! That is why our Problem Prevention Program includes customized home study sessions where you will get private coursework created for you and a review of your homework so that you can be sure you and your pup are on track for meeting your training goals. If you run into questions, you will have the opportunity to ask your trainer.

Your puppy’s training started the moment you brought them home (whether you intended it to or not). Don’t wait to schedule your free phone consultation and get your puppy on the road to being a well behaved family member.

If you are ready to sign up or learn more about our Problem Prevention Program, schedule your free phone consultation today.

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* Please Note: Tug Dogs is unable to provide re-homing services or requests for training outside of Northern California.