Separation Anxiety

You want to be able to leave your house assured that when you close the front door behind you, your dog will remain mentally and physically safe, your house will stay undestroyed, your neighbors won't be forced to listen to hours of barking/howling, and you won't have the stress and guilt of wondering what you're going to return home to.

To meet this goal, you want a dog trainer and coach who is an expert about separation anxiety so that you get the customized training plan and support you need to get all the results you're looking for without paying for things that don't work (or make your dog worse!). Separation anxiety is a unique dog problem behavior that doesn't respond to traditional training approaches so having a trainer who knows exactly what steps to take will help you reach your goals more easily, quickly, and with the best results.

Commands, punishment, puzzles, and exercise won't solve your dog's separation anxiety but our specialized treatment program can. Through 100% virtual coaching, we'll guide you and your dog step by step through the process of changing how your canine companion behaves when being left alone. With regular check ins, we'll be there to spot signs of trouble so we can avoid setbacks and to celebrate your dog's victories together.

Are you ready to be our next success story?

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How it works

If you’re ready to separate yourself from separation anxiety, it’s easy to get started.

Get in Touch

Fill out the contact form by clicking here and Jenny will be in touch to further learn about your situation, and discuss the treatment protocol and fees.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

As soon you’re ready to get started, Jenny will set up an initial consultation with you to learn more about your dog and your goals for treatment. During this on line consultation, lasting 1 to 1.5hrs, she’ll gather information about your dog’s temperament, personality, and behavioral and medical histories. She will then conduct a short online assessment.

Work Through Your Customized Training

Based on the assessment, a treatment plan will be customized especially for your dog and lifestyle, complete with easy-to-follow instructions and ongoing support.

Leave the House Worry Free

Imagine being able to run to the store or go to work while your dog peacefully snores away on the sofa. With patience, consistency and personal support from Jenny, this dream can be a reality!

Stay & Train
• Available by pre-approval only

• Located in Northern California (Sacramento area)

• Follow up support via Zoom

The stay and train separation anxiety treatment program allows pre-approved dogs who meet our criteria to live with one of our expert trainers to receive the management and treatment required to help them stay relaxed when left alone.

Following their stay with us, you'll receive zoom coaching sessions when your dog returns home to ensure they stay on track and you know exactly how to ensure your dog is successful.

Please note, space for stay and train is very limited as separation anxiety cases are highly time intensive. Only dogs who are reliably dog social will be considered into the program (as they need to be able to safely coexist with our resident dogs).

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Lite: 20 Day
Treatment Program
• Customized strategy session to get started

• Training you how to ease your dog's separation anxiety

• Regular check ins to make sure you're on track

Our Lite Training Program is all about giving you a powerful start to addressing your dog's separation stress. During this program, your dog will receive a detailed, virtual assessment along with a customized treatment program broken into critical steps that will help him or her succeed in being relaxed when left home alone.

Your Separation Anxiety Specialist will be there for the first 3 weeks checking in with you virtually several times per week to ensure you are staying on track and have all the skills you need to get your dog feeling comfortable when on their own. At the completion of those 3 weeks, you'll continue working with your dog by executing the tasks in your customized treatment plan to finish your dog's transition into being calm and comfortable when left home alone.

With 20 days of custom coaching, our Lite Program supercharges your dog's training start and makes sure you know exactly what to do to carry on your dog's training. Picture how different life will be for both you and your dog when you can leave while they can rest comfortably at home without getting stressed!

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* Please Note: Tug Dogs is unable to provide re-homing services or requests for training outside of Northern California.