Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at Tug Dogs is to provide you with professional services and clear communication before, during and after training. We know that when you understand the process and what you can expect from us, it leads to better training success and more satisfaction with the process. Should you have additional questions, please get in touch!


  • Are Tug Dogs trainers experienced/educated in dog training?

    Yes! Tug Dogs is owned and operated by professionally certified dog trainer Erin Kramer. With 50+ collective years of experience in dog training and with a focus on helping dogs with serious behavior challenges, Erin has remained committed to only training and hiring the best dog trainers in the industry.

    All Tug Dogs trainers have completed 2 professional trainer’s courses, a lengthy apprentice program directly under Erin, and passed both hands-on and written dog training examinations in addition to receiving continuing education and independent certification/awards.

    Our trainers work with a wide variety of breeds and behavior problems and are some of the most experienced and educated dog pros within the industry. We are proud to have glowing reviews of our dog training services across our online presence and have also won several local dog training awards.

  • Does Tug Dogs only work with fearful, aggressive, or anxious dogs?

    Whether your dog is not listening to commands, pulling on their leash, jumping up on guests, or struggling with more serious behavior challenges, we can help! Tug Dogs trainers are highly experienced in helping dogs of all shapes and sizes learn doggy manners, perform obedience commands reliably, and learn the skills needed to make them easy and fun companions to live with.

  • How do I stop my dog’s separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety can be one of the most devastating, problem behaviors a dog can face. Similar to a panic disorder in humans, dogs experiencing this intense form of anxiety can become overwhelmed by stress to the point of triggering severe behavioral problems including things like becoming highly destructive, self injurious, or physically ill. It’s incredibly heart wrenching and frustrating for owners to live with dogs who experience this disorder.

It can be hard to figure out how to help your dog feel ok when left on their own because there’s an awful lot of misinformation and lack of understanding about how to treat separation anxiety. Unlike other training goals, you cannot exercise it out of a dog, reward or punish it away, or give a command to stop the behavior. Separation anxiety requires helping dogs learn coping mechanisms and become gradually used to getting comfortable with being on their own.

If you are struggling with a dog who has separation anxiety, you’re not alone. We have an expert Separation Anxiety Specialist who will access your dog’s current level of anxiety, put together a custom treatment plan to get you the best results, and virtually coach you through the experience to keep you and your pup on track throughout the training.

With the right tools and the right approach, you can change how your dog feels and acts when left home alone. We’ve helped hundreds of dogs go from panicked to relaxed and we’d love to have you be our next success story. To get started, reach out today to schedule your dog’s free phone consultation with our Separation Anxiety Specialist.

  • What does comprehensive training mean?

When you and your dog sign up for training at Tug Dogs, you will be receiving the most cutting edge and comprehensive training available. This means that your trainer will carefully investigate the root causes of your dog’s behavior so that we can customize a plan that tackles your dog’s behavior issues in the manner that is fast, fair, and effective.

Training often fails when owners and trainers focus on getting the dog’s body to comply without considering the dog’s mental and emotional state. For example, if your dog reacts to other dogs you encounter while on leash, a sit/stay command only focuses on controlling what your dog’s body does. Conversely, our training methods have an emphasis on changing how your dog feels in exciting, stressful, or stimulating experiences. When your dog’s view of the world changes, they naturally stop barking, lunging, or acting out of control…no sit/stay required!

Our comprehensive training has allowed us to transform anxious, reactive, aggressive, and poorly mannered dogs into family pets who are more confident, well behaved, and able to enjoy life better.

  • Do you train service dogs?

    We are no longer offering service dog training at this time.

  • I’ve already tried dog training and it didn’t work. Will Tug Dogs training work?

    Dog training is a totally unregulated industry which means that anyone can (and does) call themselves a trainer without meeting any standards of experience or education. At Tug Dogs, however, all staff members must meet extremely rigorous education and experience requirements including completing 2 professional trainer’s courses, apprenticing under Tug Dogs owner Erin Kramer, and passing written and physical testing for hands-on training skills.

    Not only do our trainers adhere to the highest training standards, but they also participate in ongoing dog training education to ensure that we offer the most cutting edge and highly effective training possible.

    It is not uncommon that our trainers are called to work with dogs who have been through multiple trainers with limited or no success. Our staff prides ourselves on these challenging cases and the Tug Dogs name is known all over the West Coast for working with dogs who have struggled to make progress elsewhere.

    During the evaluation, your Tug Dogs trainer will provide more specific information after getting to know you and your dog including an honest assessment of the steps moving forward and reasonable training goals.

  • Does Tug Dogs offer a training guarantee?

    Training a dog is not like fixing a computer or a car. A dog is a living, breathing being whose behavior changes and is influenced by a wide variety of factors including their health, genetics, early life experiences, current environment, and your follow-through! Because our trainers are not in control of these factors, there is no way we can guarantee specific training results.

    During the evaluation session, your Tug Dogs trainer will go into detail about what you should expect from training and what we will bring to the table. In the end, we are as committed as you are to helping you achieve your dog training goals which is reflected in our 5 star reviews found across multiple review platforms.

  • Does Tug Dogs offer training services for shelters or rescue groups?

    We sure do! Tug Dogs has worked with lots of rescue and shelter organizations all over the Western United States and we provide discounted dog training services and FREE human education to shelter and rescue staff. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your dog related non-profit group.

  • Does Tug Dogs offer assistance in re-homing dogs?

    Unfortunately, Tug Dogs is not able to assist dog owners in finding new homes for their dogs. Our staff simply does not have the resources available for recruiting adopters and assisting with placing dogs in new homes. We recommend getting in touch with local rescue groups, humane societies, shelters, or sanctuaries to see what options are available in finding a new home for your dog.

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* Please Note: Tug Dogs is unable to provide re-homing services or requests for training outside of Northern California.