Creating Calm Course




Calm is defined as, “not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions” and “the absence of violent or confrontational activity within a place or group.” Given these definitions, you can see why we emphasize achieving calmness with nearly all of dogs we work with.

A calm dog makes better choices like not barking at other dogs, jumping up on guests, destroying household items, and ignoring tough distractions. This means the more you help your dog learn to offer calm behavior and get in the habit of being relaxed, the more they will make desirable choices on their own.

Not only is calmness beneficial for us, other dogs like it too. One of the most common reasons that dogs get into fights is simply an eruption of unbridled energy that turns into arousal aggression. If a stranger approached me who had just inhaled 15 red bulls and was non stop bouncing, talking, and moving, I would probably be pretty alarmed and not be comfortable spending time with them in close proximity. Many dogs feel this way too. Stand outside a busy dog park and watch a new, highly excited dog enter the park and you have solid odds you’ll see a scuffle.

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